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Licenses, registration
1. I am asked to enter my registration name and registration code each time I use the program.
2. I lost my registration code. How can I get it back?
3. I get error message saying bad registration key. What do I do?
4. How do I register my copy of AceFTP/AceHTML?
5. How do I register my copy of GIF Movie Gear?
6. I received an order confirmation by e-mail following my order. However, there is no registration code. How do I get it?
Price, Purchase
1. Is AceFTP included in AceHTML 6 Pro?
2. I have an old version of one of your products. Can I benefit from the upgrade price of my software or do I have to buy the full version?
3. Do you have educational prices for your products?
  For information on education price, please contact the customer service at :
4. I have received an email for the upgrade. Where can I see 50% off for the upgrade ?
5. What is the shipping delay for the cd ?
6. I don't have a credit card. Can I purchase with other method of payment ?
7. Where can I see the price list of your products?